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OMAR TA SATT you beloved lights on Earth

Here I‘m presenting you „Shogun Yagesh’wa“ and his first album „Dragongod“

It is tuned to the tone of El’Shaddai
El’Shaddai is a devine field in the reality nearby the field of God

You can stream it on Spotify, AppleMusic and others. And You can download it in common shops.

Ten songs fromG. Lehndorff written played und produced. Sung by me and Gerlind Pischel as backgroundvocals

The Lord Of The Hosts will bless you when listening to the original CD.
Kodoish Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
I’m honored

You can find the lyrics on the booklet

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Much ANA and ELEXIER for you

OMAR TA SATT  Tuned to El'Shaddai

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